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Young Authors Conference - 2020


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  • The district's Young Authors' Program must be for all students in the district in Grades K-8 regular and special classrooms.
  • A district-wide conference to recognize all young authors is highly recommended.
  • A district panel should select Young Authors attending the Regional Conference.
  • Each district may select THREE Young Authors per attendence center or ONE young author per 100 students enrolled in K-8 in an attendence center.

    If you have 449 students, send four students. Round up if the number is 50 or greater.
    The district superintendent is requested to verify the appropriate number of Young Authors to attend.

  • The district must notify its eligible participants and inform them of registration procedures of the Regional Conference.
  • Books authored and/or illustrated by more than two children will not be accepted. Co-authored/illustrated entries will count as two of the district's allotment of entries. If books are co-authored/illustrated, each author must bring a bound copy of the manuscript to the Conference.
  • Dictated books may be typed or handwritten by an adult, but must be in the student's own language.
  • Manuscripts must have a substantial cover with pages securely attached.
  • Forms of writing will be left up to the school districts.
Introduction   Guidelines   Steps to Follow   Register Online   Contacts

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