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Pursuant to the Illinois Compiled Statutes (105 ILCS 5/3-14.25) Sec. 3-14.25 the Regional Office of Education is required "to maintain, and make available to the public during regular business hours, a list of unfilled teaching positions within the region." (Source: P.A. 83-503.)

I am asking your cooperation in assisting our office to maintain compliance by utilizing the St. Clair County Educational Job Vacancies Database

The St. Clair Regional Office of Education Consortium for county schools vacancy postings.

Details of the employment vacancy posting system:
  • Each district has their own login and password and can post, edit, and delete their own postings.
  • All St. Clair County schools have an account for posting vacancies.
  • Contact the Regional Office for your district login and password.

  • Enhanced services are available with a paid subscription. Advanced services include:
    • Applicants may respond and apply online
    • Your applications are retained in a searchable database for future reference
    • Applications may be tracked, commented, scored, forwarded, and more...
    • Report generation for applicant statistics
    • E-Mail the service provider (support @ for more information about subscribing.

Go to the vacancy postings.

Thank You - Susan Sarfaty, Regional Superintendent, St. Clair County.

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Updated: Nov 2014