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Sending/Receiving Large Attachments
E-mail Account Access
St. Clair e-mail accounts are accessed from a browser using webmail.

St. Clair E-Mail Service
  • Your stclair webmail account has a space quota of 500MB.
  • Messages over 12 months old will be deleted automatically.
  • The online mail reader (online reader link at right) is NOT intended for everyday email management.
        It is for troubleshooting only.
  • Webmail users can access their accounts by clicking the Webmail link at the right.
  • Please call (825-3924) if you have problems or concerns.
  • E-mail Filters
    The St. Clair e-mail is filtered through a SPAM and Virus filter. Many messages from spammers are blocked and never reach your e-mail account. Messages containing viruses will be blocked at the filter.
    E-mail Archive
    The Regional Office will archive e-mail for "" accounts for 12 months.
    Webmail users can access their archive at any time.
    Sending (or Receiving) Large Attachments
    Attachments (larger than 5MB) TO or FROM a stclair email account (and many other email accounts) are unsuccessful due to the necessary attachment file size limitations.

    • HOW to TRANSFER LARGE FILES using EMail Notification

    • The below website link offers the following:
      - allow upload of a large file (up to 1.5 GB)
      - send notification that a download is waiting to the email address(es) entered
      - allow a custom message to be added to the "Download Ready" message.
      - allow a password to retrieve the download - if a password is desired
      - retain the file for 5 days for users to download.
      - does NOT harvest email addresses for resale to spammers
      - free - no user account necessary

      NOTE: The file may be downloaded only 20 times. This protects the service from abuse.

    • Procedure

      - The sender uploads the file and lists the email addresses to which the Download Waiting message will be sent.
      - The intended recipient receives an email that says a download is waiting.
      - The intended recipient has 5 days to click the link and download the file.
      That's it.

      To have someone send you a large file, tell them about the process.

    • The link:
    • The link:

    E-Mail Reader
    • St.Clair Online EMail Reader
    • The online reader is for occasional use and troubleshooting.
      It is NOT intended to be used as the normal access to e-mail.
    Web Mail
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